Morenita Rey

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Morenita Rey -- Amelia Leonor Molina -- was born in Argentina in 1928. She was the child of Serviliano Molina, a circus master and poet, and of Amelia Lamarque, an actress, sister of singer Libertad Lamarque.

She started her career at the age of six in her father's circus and then continued as a vaudeville performer and child actress in films. As an adolescent, she became a tango singer, and later developed a wide repertoire that ranged from classical music to popular boleros.

She was also a dramatic actress, as well as a comedienne, having worked with, among others, film-maker Augusto Vatteone, actor Amador Bendayan and dramaturgist Juana Sujo. Morenita eventually founded her own acting school in Caracas.

She sang with such legendary artists as Daniel Santos, Mario Canaro, Lola Flores and Toña la Negra, and worked closely with composers Alexis Brau and Mariano Mores.

Morenita Rey married impresario Guillermo Arenas with whom she had two children. She died unexpectedly at the age of thirty eight. Her artistic legacy survives in the work of her daughter, Amelia Arenas, a writer, and in the song and dance of her grandchild, Bárbara Martínez.


Morenita Rey (Exitos)